Painting is an expression of oneself

Art is a way of visually expressing thoughts, ideas and emotions that can be underestimated as societal culture of time. As a woman in an isolated rural setting, life can be lonely, mundane and have an expectation of assumed responsibility. The common belief that women carry out the domestic duties can subvert the value of worth. To rise above or daydream myself out of any such inference I become immersed in the rhythm of the dance transcribed into oil painting on linen. That role-play is interpreted as dancing my way out of any situation giving over to the sensation of abandonment and freedom. Snapshots of these dance moves form a perfect juxtaposition for a figure in the field painting. Take on words, but what is more important, the figure representing the female on the land or the field as the agricultural setting. How do women have a voice when they are wallflowers in wheat fields?

My current series of works "Dancing with the Environment" examines how I feel about my identity, what gender role-play means to me and domesticity within an agricultural setting. The concept for these works has an ambiguous undertone were humour isn't lost, but the romantic notion of rural life is questioned.

Art is an
interpretation of life


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